1. Fast Track Exit & Action Plan: Completed in 30 Days:

Whether your seeking to sell your business today, or planning for the future the time to create your exit strategy is now:

  • Program assesses your Business & Personal readiness for sale.
  • The process identifies the issues you're going to face.
  • Will help you decide why, when and how you wish to sell.
  • A business valuation will benchmark your value today. 
  • Your Exit & Action Plan can be used for immediate planning or growth strategy.
  • Receive guidance and 1:1 facilitation for 30 days.
  • You'll gain an advisor/friend for life.

2. Prepare Action Program: Completed in 60 Days

Does your business offer a compelling reason to be purchased? Are you prepared to invest the time, money and make changes to increase earnings becoming more attractive to a buyer(s) in the future?

  • Pre-requisite: Complete Fast Track Exit & Action Program
  • The process educates and produces a Business Blueprint & Execution Strategy with buy-in from management & staff.
  • Business Case and Project Case template completion clearly states your Business and Product/Service strengths.
  • Strategic Issues 90-minute team exercise clears the path to overcoming issues and obstacles hindering growth & opportunities.
  • Receive guidance and 1:1 facilitation for 60 days.
  • You'll gain an advisor & friend for life.
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