Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?

Whether looking to grow, hand over to the next generation, or exit altogether, most owners hesitate because they lack the time, knowledge, and motivation to prepare their exit strategy.

Entrepreneurs like you need the right tools to understand your business value, maximize its potential, develop your exit plan, and, when the time is right, sell your business. 

Most owners wait too long to even consider the day they will exit their company.  More commonly, disease, divorce, dispute, distress, or even death force these major decisions. The implications can be financially and emotionally catastrophic for owners, families, employees, and customers.

Before a disruption forces your hand, GET EXIT READY to maximize your profit potential and realize the freedom you crave in life.

Business Readiness Assessments

Designed with merger and acquisition (M&A) experts, these comprehensive assessments will gauge your organization's attractiveness and readiness to exit or grow your business from a buyer's perspective. 

Participate in an educational webinar hosted once per month and complete the FREE business health check assessment to gain insights into the readiness of your business to grow, sell or enhance your organization's current or future value.

Business Valuation 

You may be wealthier than you think! Most business owners have no idea how much their company is actually worth and risk seriously undervaluing their largest asset. 

Freedom for Founders will assess your company’s value from a buyer’s perspective, providing a true reflection of its worth, an assessment of your personal readiness, and a thorough outline of viable options of why, when, and how to exit your business.

Value Acceleration

Exit planning is not a decision to retire or sell, in fact, waiting may be the best decision. 

If you or your business is not ready now, we can assist with identifying the tools, tactics, and strategies needed to substantially enhance the buyer appeal of your company between now and the day you decide to retire.  Engaging these tools, you can expect to exit for the most value and on your terms, typically within a 3-5 year timeframe.

Business Brokering 

When the time is right and you are ready to sell, we will prepare comprehensive documentation and marketing materials to take your company to market.  Each step of the way, our team will guide you through the process of attracting buyers interested in acquiring or merging with your business for maximum value.