The road to valuing your business starts here

If you’re a business owner Freedom for Founder provides a snapshot of your personal and professional decisions around Why, When and How you would like to exit the business.  Your business has provided jobs, supported suppliers, brought you significance and a lifestyle. Whether you’re ready today to sell or liquidate, or you’re planning for the future, most owners hesitate because they lack the time, knowledge and motivation to prepare an exit strategy.

Research proves that Business Owners that go through the exit planning process are more likely to:

  1. Build a more profitable business with less stress,

  2. Accumulate more personal wealth and pay less tax,

  3. Protect their family and employees due to unexpected events like disease or death.

“Freedom for Founders offers two (2) facilitated programs
to build your exit plan and determine your growth strategy
over a set number of months.”

If you have questions about how to proceed, you’re not alone. Most business owners share your hesitation about how to prepare for, offer, and negotiate the sale of a small business:

  1. Is the business saleable and if so is it ready to sell?

  2. Is the business profitable and compelling enough for a buyer to show interest?

  3. How much is the business worth today and what can be done to increase its value?

  4. Where do you start the selling process and what’s involved in marketing, negotiating and closing the sale?

Whether your priority is a short or long term sale, we count every relationship as a privilege to educate and guide you through the Exit Planning process.

Simon Fallows - Founder 

I help business owners find & maximize value in their companies. This starts with an inspiring conversation around what makes their business and personal life a success. This creates a base to my understanding of what has, and continues to, drive their passion which allows me to strategize on behalf of my client’s key priorities. Customers gain trust quickly as they feel both heard and understood. Together, we focus on the values, motivations and personal aspirations that matter most to them.

As an exit strategist, I’ve benefited from multiple exits of my own companies. I now take great pleasure & pride in helping other business owners maximize the valuation and sale of their companies. From small family businesses to $20+ million dollar companies, I’ve grown my skills in start-up to scale-up to multi-generational businesses. My joy as an Interim Executive for hire has been using my strategic business development, engineering, and operational process skills to commercialize and launch new products, turn-around or exponentially grow companies.

Strategic ideation is a skill I take great pride in. It’s a distinct way of visualizing that allows me to be a  creative, outside-the-box thinker with a unique perspective on the world at large. This outlook allows me to see and consider issues from multiple perspectives with a natural capacity to follow patterns where others see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, I envision alternative scenarios, always asking, “What if this happened?” This recurring question helps me see, plan and prepare for future situations & outcomes.

“I often see a way when others assume there is no way.
Armed with this strategy, I move business owners forward
encouraging them to begin with the end in mind.”

I’ve won International design awards, held multiple patents, appeared on Dragon’s Den and owned a martial arts studio with no martial arts experience. I’m a closet philanthropist, emotionally intelligent and always put others before myself. 

When I’m not executing strategy over Zoom or in the Boardroom, I’m exploring the outdoors by foot, canoe, ski’s, boat, ATV, motorcycle or snowmobile from coast to coast and around the World. I’m a father to 3 fantastic teens, crave all Asian food and take my espresso bold with a shot of honey - Simon Fallows