Professional Partners

No one professional advisor has the ability to develop and carry out an exit strategy independently. The action items that need to be covered in detail are complicated need to be executed and guided by experts.

To support business owners as they develop, expand, and successfully exit their enterprises, effective exit planning necessitates input from a team of complementary specialists with distinct perspectives and contributions. 

Freedom for Founders provides counsel and insight to business owners at any stage of life, helping them to visualize and start planning for their eventual departure from the company. We take pride in building highly collaborative relationships with lawyers, accountants, financial planners, and other professionals in the client’s best interests.

A thorough examination of every issue that can have an impact on the owner is necessary for a sound exit strategy. This effectiveness lowers risk while helping the business owner diversify their resources and prepare for the unexpected; death, divorce, dispute, disease, or distress. It can be a challenging process, and it often takes a corporation several years to implement. Many business owners may believe it is insurmountable as they continue to work hard but the consequence of not planning can be catastrophic. Owners work tirelessly and should plan for and enjoy cashing out in the most honouring and rewarding of ways. A clear exit strategy is always the answer.

Freedom for Founders leads and coordinates the entire exit planning process with a team of advisors; from initial data collection, and synthesizing of information, to the final sale or transition of the company. Our primary goal is to facilitate the owner’s exit from their business with complete financial security and in an effort to help them achieve their exit goals and post-sale freedom.

Having built and sold several companies of his own, Freedom for Fouders President; Simon Fallows, understands how owners and buyers think and react. Appreciating owner and company challenges, whether it’s growing value, creating a management team, or transferring ownership, positions him ideally to work vigorously toward realizing the freedom that founders deserve.