Helping business owners find and maximize value in their company is my passion.

Having benefited from exiting several companies of my own. as a Certified Exit Planner, I take great pride in helping other business owners do the same. From small family businesses to 20+ million-dollar organizations, I’ve honed my skills supporting owners in the start-up, scale-up, and multi-generational stages of operation. 

I often see a way when others assume there is none. Armed with a strategy, I encourage business owners to begin moving forward with the end in mind.

Strategic ideation is my superpower. This distinct way of visualizing allows me to be an outside-the-box thinker with a unique world perspective. I see and consider issues from multiple perspectives, and have a natural capacity to identify patterns where others see complexity. With this in mind, I envision alternative scenarios, relentlessly asking, “What if?” This tenacious sense of curiosity and creativity helps me prepare for future situations to construct better outcomes.

Throughout my career, I have won International design awards, held multiple patents, appeared on Dragon’s Den, and owned a martial arts studio, though I have no martial arts experience. I am emotionally intelligent, a closet philanthropist, and always put others before myself. 

When not supporting clients, you'd likely find me exploring the outdoors by foot, canoe, ski, boat, ATV, motorcycle, or snowmobile from coast to coast or around the world. I’m a proud father, crave all Asian food, and take my espresso bold with a shot of honey.

I look forward to meeting you,

Simon Fallows, CEPA