Our Story

I’m passionate about helping business owners realize their personal financial and freedom goals.

Simon Fallows, President of Freedom for Founders, an M&A Strategic Consulting Firm and Business Broker dedicated to guiding business owners through a process of understanding their business value from a buyers perspective. They deliver personalized high-level strategies to maximize value so when the time is right, or sadly, all too often, when circumstances necessitate, owners are ready to sell on terms they have planned for.

After selling multiple businesses of his own and enjoying the many freedoms of doing so, he became a Certified Exit Planner so he can guide and assist other entrepreneurs to do the same. He is most enthusiastic to inspire & educate owners to maximize their business value through growth strategies like mergers, alignments & acquisitions and develop exit readiness plans so they can sell their business at top value. He helps small family businesses to 20+ million-dollar organizations and has honed his skills supporting owners in the start-up, scale-up, and multi-generational stages of operation.

Strategic ideation is his superpower. His distinct way of visualizing allows him to consider issues from multiple perspectives, providing a natural capacity to identify patterns where others see complexity. With this in mind, he envisions alternative scenarios, relentlessly asking, “what if?” This tenacious sense of curiosity and creativity helps him prepare for future situations to construct better outcomes.

Throughout his career, Simon has won international design awards, held multiple patents, and gained full buy-in on Dragon’s Den. He is a philanthropist at heart, always putting others before himself with a sincere dedication to serve above all else.

When not supporting clients, you will find Simon embracing the FREEDOM he worked so hard for personally, exploring the world, culture, food & experiences with fierce curiosity and an adventurous spirit.

He can’t wait to share this FREEDOM with you!